Review: Johnson’s Baby Wipes

We were really excited to be invited to a messy play challenge by Johnson’s to try out their new dispensing system on their wipes. I am always looking for ways to make my life easier and thought that the new system that dispenses wipes just one at a time would be perfect for cleaning up any messy play activity. The new design features a rigid lid perfect for one-handed opening which is just what you need when you are trying to clean up baby and toddler mess! Ted loves getting messy and Arthur is weaning at the moment, so I am forever cleaning up something or other.

For our challenge we were sent a pack of the new compact wipes, paints, a canvas and an apron and we waited for the next rainy day to give it a try. I popped the different coloured paints in a silicon mold and let him get to work. He had an absolute blast!

20160727_113412 20160727_113013 20160727_113410 20160727_115522 (1)

After creating his masterpiece he was pretty much covered in paint, including all over his mouth..! I used my handy packet of wipes in an attempt to clean him up – and was really impressed that they removed ALL of the paint! I managed to clean him up as well as the kitchen table just using the wipes – quickly and easily. Ted has quite dry and sensitive skin but these wipes were kind and gentle whilst doing a good job. The new dispensing system worked really well and it wasn’t fiddly at all to get the wipes out amid the paint and mess. He had lots of fun and it was easy for me to clean up. I have also used the wipes out and about on the go to clean up… everything! Snotty noses, sticky hands and faces, I have even used them to take my make up off. They are the perfect addition to any busy parent’s bag!


20160727_120319 20160727_122320 (1)

Here is Ted’s finished painting…. what do you think?


*DISCLAIMER* This is a collaborative post. We were sent the wipes and messy play pack for review purposes. All words, opinion and photographs are my own.



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