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I was so excited to see this opportunity to review a bundle of Christmas themed books from Little Tiger Press – books and Christmas, what a great combination! We received this gorgeous bundle and got reading straight away. These will definitely be read again and again over the coming weeks! We had a definite favourite which was perfect for Ted:


Is It Christmas Yet? – by Jane Chapman

The above is the blurb from this book which features the character of a playful little bear called… Ted! So it was instantly a winner with us. Ted has loved reading this and I think it is the most age appropriate book in the bundle for him. It is a board book with bright and colourful pictures, all about the exciting build up to Christmas. We have read this book lots already and I am sure we will do so until it finally is Christmas! This would be lovely as part of a book advent which I think we may add it to next December.

The Magical Snow Garden – by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman

This is probably my personal favourite book from the bundle, as it is just so cute and heart-warming. I absolutely love the illustrations and the glittery front cover. Ted will sit still and listen to this story being read so you know it must be good! Wellington, the main character (a penguin) is so adorable and the tale covers key themes like friendship and helping one another. A very special book!

Waiting for Santa – by Steve Metzger and Alison Edgson

Set on Christmas Eve, this is another sweet story that involves a group of friends working together. It is all about believing in Santa and the magic of Christmas with a traditional happy ending. The characters are all woodland creatures and the illustrations are just perfect. We have enjoyed reading this together in the afternoons, snuggled together on the sofa. Ted says “eek eek!” every time he sees the little mouse on the page.

One Snowy Rescue – by M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton

This is another book which is ideal for Ted’s age, as it has the added element of texture to feel on each page, in the form of the hedgehogs velvety hat. I think this is a really nice touch and kept Ted’s attention throughout the story. The storyline is that of adventure with added kindness and friendship. Another great cosy read for little ones.

The Storm Leopards – by Holly Webb

This book is aimed towards older children, so I have not read it to Ted but have had a read myself in bed. This is such a lovely adventurous tale and the kind of thing I would have loved to read independently when I was younger, and I would have really identified with the animal-loving main character, Isabelle. This is a great read full of compassion and excitement.

On a Snowy Night – Various Authors

Another book aimed at slightly older children, but still a great little book. This is a collection of short stories about animals, perfect for pre-bedtime reading. It still includes some illustrations which are beautiful. I think this would make a really nice gift for an older child to read during the festive season, as most of the tales are based around winter and Christmas. This is definitely one to keep and revisit when Ted is older.

The Night Before Christmas – by Clement C Moore

What a classic Christmas poem. I absolutely adore this rhyme and probably know it off by heart. I’ve not read it to Ted yet as I want to save it for Christmas Eve, but I have looked through the book and the illustrations are just perfect – I can’t wait to share it with him. I have it displayed by the Christmas tree ready! Every family should own a copy of this book and enjoy it together every year.



We were kindly sent these books to review however all words and opinions are my own.






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  1. What a lovely review opportunity! The books sound fabulous. This has made me a bit gutted that I wasn’t more organised. I planned to do the book advent thingy this year but it just didn’t happen. You’ve given me lots of ideas for next year though!

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