Sunshine and Showers


Ted is now 6 weeks old…! Time flies when you are having fun (and being pooed on.)
He is such a little character already and is very strong willed. He has been smiling for some time now and is really alert and engages with us. I love trying to make him smile, dressing him in his cute clothes and cuddling him til he falls asleep.

Of course, it’s not all smiles and snoozing – he can be quite the grumpster and is very particular about the things he likes. It can be hard to please him…! But it just makes us love him more. I am pretty tired but enjoying every minute.

My mother – in – law said a phrase which really struck a chord with me – “sunshine and showers.” I think this is the perfect way to describe your first few weeks as a mum. It is such an amazing and special time, but it is also hard work! I post loads of cute, smiley pictures of him, but it’s not all bumble bee outfits and angelic faces! Sometimes I am so tired that I don’t know what I am doing. Sometimes Ted cries for an unexplained reason. He doesn’t like his moses basket. He liked going in the sling but now he doesn’t. Some nights he sleeps 4 hours in a row, others he wakes every hour. But sometimes he smiles at me for no reason when I’m feeding him. He makes the cutest cooing, happy noises I’ve ever heard. He loves his Daddy and saves his best smiles for him. He loves to fall asleep on me when he’s tired. He makes really funny facial expressions!

He brings us so much sunshine and showers, and I wouldn’t change any of it ♡

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  1. This is another lovely lovely post on parenting Sarah! I’ve shared a lot of your experiences. Not very good at sleeping in the day though, so I’m so relieved Iris is a pretty good night time sleeper. The evenings of screaming are intense though! Oh, and your little fella is proper cute. But you already knew that. xxx

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