Ted at Two!

I can hardly believe that my PFB is two years old. Everyone says it, but it has gone so fast. We have been looking back at photographs from his first birthday, where he was newly mobile, chubby-wristed and very much a baby. Today I have a walking, talking toddler – a little boy. And boy does he love to walk and talk.

At two years old Ted is extremely chatty, counting and singing his A-B-C, requesting snacks, informing me he wants to “do walking” instead of going in the stroller and making up imaginative stories. He loves to play tricks on us and is incredibly funny. He doesn’t stop moving, which is difficult when it comes to nap or bedtime as he doesn’t give himself time to wind down, relax and fall asleep. He just wants to keep going. His energy knows no bounds. Most days I have to try to get us out somewhere just to let him run around and be physical, that is when he is at his most happy.

He adores his baby brother and has surpassed all my expectations and hopes of what type of big brother he would be. He is so kind, caring and gentle with his brother and seems older than his 2 years when he is with him. He chats to him, brings him toys, makes him laugh and tries to stop his grizzling or tells me “Mummy! Baby Arse-er want milk!!” He frequently asks to “hold it” and beams with pride as his baby brother coos in his arms.

Ted’s favourite things, aside from his brother, are snails, dancing, Thomas the Tank Engine, yogurts, anything that spins, putting adult shoes on, all animals, sweeping the floor, singing, wild flowers, slides that are much bigger than him and thanks to a certain pig, jumping in muddy puddles. Simple pleasures for a happy boy.

We are so proud of him and the little boy he is growing in to – loving, full of energy, curious and brave – our two year old, Ted.

Happy Birthday Tedders! xx


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