Ted is One!

What a weekend we have 11741069_643503379692_1692749019936228941_ohad! A two day celebration of our little boy turning one. I thought I would feel quite emotional about him growing up so fast, but actually I just had a really nice time and loved having so many friends and family members around us. The night before his birthday I looked through some of my photographs of when he was born (OK, maybe I got a little teary-eyed then…) and couldn’t believe that tiny baby is now my big, strong and mischievous boy. It did feel strange remembering our time at hospital – it actually feels like a lifetime ago. It reminded me just how far we have come in 12 short months and how much happiness he has brought us since he was born.

We decided to have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the garden with some of Ted’s little friends, we thought it was a cute theme and we would capitalise on his Summer birthday… However the day before was grey, rainy and far from picnic-perfect, and I was worried we would have to cancel. Thankfully the sun came out for us, and we spent the day in the garden eating sandwiches, jelly and cake – and wearing tiny party hats. I had his cake made by In The Mix at Castaways and was so pleased by the results!

Ted’s first experience of jelly, snacks for small people, beautiful birthday cake!

The following day was his actual birthday, and we had all our family round – Ted’s grandparents, aunties and uncles. The plan was to have a bbq and in true Great-British Summer style it rained… about 95% of the day. Undeterred we still cooked the food on the bbq (I say we… it was my husband) and ate it perched on chairs in our living room. Ted was utterly spoiled with gorgeous gifts – a trike, a play tent, beautiful clothes, a spinning top and a handmade personalised toybox to name just a few. He loved having so much attention and so many people to show off to. It was lovely seeing him so happy!

New trike, 2nd cake, baby and play tent.

We really did have a lovely weekend filled with fun, friends and family. What did you get up to this weekend? Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know! Xx

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