Ted’s Top 5 Toys

Ted recently turned one and was very lucky to receive lots of new toys from his friends and family on his birthday. Whilst his favourite things to play with are not actually toys (plastic bottles, envelopes, keys, remote control etc.) there are a few toys that he is really in to at the moment. I love it when he happily plays independently or even better when he tries to initiate a game with me – it is just the cutest. He is so interactive at the moment and really learning through playing. So here are his top 5 things that entertain him at the moment:

5) Remote Controlled Train

IMG_20150816_091551 (1)

My lovely friend bought this for Ted as an early birthday present, it is a baby-friendly remote controlled train. We press the buttons to make it move and he is utterly fascinated by it. I am sure if he could talk he would be saying “how does it do that?!” He crawls along the floor and chases it around the living room. Of course it makes the compulsory “toot toot” noise as all trains should, but it also plays music as it chugs along. Recently he has taken to standing up and holding it whilst it is playing the music and having a little dance. So cute!

4) Spinning Top

IMG_20150816_091629 (1)

Another birthday gift, this brightly coloured metal spinning top is one of Ted’s firm favourites. For a while now he has been obsessed with things that spin – he gravitates towards anything this is remotely circular that may roll, rotate or whirl when you whack it. My sister sought this gift out intentionally having witnessed this. He really tries to push the plunger down himself to make it work but sometimes needs our help. If we make it go really fast he says “weeeeeeeeee!” I love that it is a traditional toy and something we can do together.

3) Igloo Vehicle Books

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I’m so happy that Ted is getting in to books – there was a time when he wouldn’t sit still or calmly long enough to get through the first page, but now it is one of his favourite things to do. He has some really beautiful and special books, some real classics, but for some reason…. these are his favourite. He will clamber over to me clutching the fire engine shaped book and in my head I think “really?!” but as I want to embrace his love for reading I duly scoop him up and read this tedious tale. I think he loves the shape and size of the books, the repetitive use of onomatopoeias and the brightly coloured pages. I am told there is a tractor and a racing car that could be added to the collection… but I am hoping he will be ready to move on to A.A Milne soon and we can brush over this whole debacle.

2) Wooden Trike

IMG_20150816_091756 (1)

Another excellent gift from my parents, Ted loves his wooden trike bought from Sainsburys. The box advised it was for ages 3 years plus, but it is just the perfect size for Ted (who is quite big!) and I have never been concerned about it. He can’t quite scoot himself forward on it yet, but goes backwards like a boss. He likes us to push him around on it and will just have the biggest smile on his face ever when we do. He also likes to flip it over, as if he is some kind of wrestler, and then sit on the floor next to it spinning the wheels.

1) Play Tent

IMG_20150802_070944 (1)

A gift from another of his adoring aunties, Ted loves his cute little play tent. It’s his absolute favourite. He will crawl into it and sit really still and quietly, prompting us to ask “where’s Ted gone?” Then he BURSTS out, head first with a massive grin on his face, incredibly proud of himself and his comedy genius. Repeat x 36 until he hears the theme tune for Twirlywoos. I particularly enjoy it when Ted tries to exit his tent via the window, a small circular hole on the side .A lovely gift which, along with his v-tec walker, really makes my living room look sophisticated and chic. Pah!

What do your little ones love to play with? Leave me a comment below to let me know! Xx

0 thoughts on “Ted’s Top 5 Toys

  1. I love the spinning top! Where did your sister get it from? Darcey’s really into blocks at the moment and smashing towers down. We bought her some lovely blocks with coloured plastic and beads in which she loves shaking x

  2. Loving the first of many, I hope, top 5s!
    Eloise is also loving her books at the moment. She was similar in that she wouldn’t sit still for 10seconds but now will pick a book (or 5) and bring them over to read shouting ‘book’. She enjoying colouring in and anything that slots together…puzzles/keys in locks/anything and the stair gates. Number 1 this week has been her plastic rocking giraffe from ‘boots’. She’s at the right height to really get it going to the point she can get it to glide across the room! It playing songs too xx

    1. Ha, yeah, I am thinking of doing one a week 🙂 Glad you enjoyed! It is so lovely sitting down with them and reading isn’t it! Something I always imagined doing when I was pregnant. That’s amazing that E is doing puzzles and colouring in! She is so clever! xxx

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