The tale of Ted and his new bed


Here lies a tale about how Ted
has moved into a toddler bed
His baby brother needs the cot
So we devised a simple plot
Move babe to cot and boy to bed
We had no CLUE what lay ahead
We read the books and took advice
A Dino duvet would he nice
And when it came to time to nap
There began the first mishap
He did of course quite like the bed
But chose to roll around instead
Upside down, legs in the air
He played about without a care
And as the minutes ticked away
We knew there’d be no nap today
But never mind, it’s new for Ted
He’s getting used to his new bed
We’ll try again when he is tired
But similar events transpired
We watched as we turned out the light
Our toddler turned into a sprite
Jumping and hopping and stood on the bed
We wondered – was this right for Ted?
But his acrobatics did start to wane
and he climbed up on the bed again
and there on the covers, curled in a heap
Ted closed his eyes and fell asleep…

We rushed to bed with so much glee,
Finally some sleep for me!
We talked about how fast they’ve grown
Then got some shut-eye of our own

One hour later, I woke with a jump
as Ted rolled to the floor asleep with a thump
We put him back in and kissed him goodnight
and chuckled about our bedtime plight
And we lay in our bed and counted to ten
and then of course it happened again
We tucked him in as he wearily said
“I fell out my big boy bed!”

So here ends the tale about how Ted
has moved into a toddler bed
but if you want advice from me?

Wait until they’re at least three.



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3 thoughts on “The tale of Ted and his new bed

  1. This is brilliant! A great subject for a poem from an obviously true story. My daughter moved into her toddler bed at around 18 months believe it or not. Thankfully she was fine! Thank you so much for linking to Prose for Thought and welcome, I hope to see you again tomorrow 🙂 x

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