The Wonderful Wonder Weeks

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know we are having quite a shitty challenging time at the moment. My once independent and happy little boy has become grouchy, unsettled and really clingy. If I attempt to eat my breakfast or dare to step in the kitchen, he has an absolute meltdown. It’s heartbreaking to see him so upset, but also really draining. As soon as I saw this change in his behaviour, I knew he must be in a developmental leap. I checked my Wonder Weeks App, and there it was: the dreaded storm cloud over my baby’s face. Hello Leap 8.

The Wonder Weeks is a book based on 35 years of research that looks at behavioural changes in infants as they develop and grow. From this research it was discovered that there is a trend in when babies become more challenging and unhappy. The reason for these “fussy phases” is during these periods, your baby is developing new skills and making a progressive leap in their mental development. Everything around them begins to change, and it understandably disrupts them. I say this like a calm, rational and patient person – but in the middle of the leap it really does feel like everything is up against you and you can’t understand why your baby is acting in this way. It is good to remind yourself of what is happening in their little world so you can provide the reassurance they need.

When I first heard of The Wonder Weeks I was a little sceptical – I couldn’t see how a schedule could be applied to your child’s behaviour, but we have honestly found that it is pretty accurate. When going through a difficult phase with Ted when he was tiny we downloaded the app, entered his due date, and it has been a great source of information since. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t draw a red ring around the leap dates and write him off for those periods, but when I notice a change in him, I check the app and sure enough he has entered a new leap. It is reassuring to know what the reason could be for their unhappiness – this week I have checked Ted’s temperature a hundred times, looked for signs of teething, earache, tummyache, anything to help me understand what is up. Now I am pretty sure I know the reason why.

So for us this week we have had lots of cuddles, and we actually have a secret weapon. There is one particular video on YouTube that seems to have a really calming effect on Ted. It is just a video of continuous animated nursery rhymes…. he absolutely loves it. I put it on when we are trying to leave the house so that I can pack the nappy bag and get us ready without him hanging off my leg and shouting at me, or when nothing else is working. My husband and I refer to it as: The Video. “Quick, put The Video on!” Sometimes you just do what you have to!

So here is my gift to you, I hope it helps when you need it!

How do you cope when your child is going through a fussy phase? I’d love to hear some tips and ideas, feel free to leave me a comment below! Xx

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  1. My 10 month old seems to like blowing off steam by “playing music” aka banging on bowls/pans/pots. It lets him be loud and howl without getting in trouble and expend some energy. He’s also a fan of the song Old Man River from the musical Showboat….no idea why!

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