To the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody: (Sorry Freddie)

Is this what colic’s like?
Is this just bad teething?
You’re wide awake and I can’t stop you from screaming
Just close your eyes and let yourself drift off to sleep,
I’m getting tired now, you must be sleepy too,
So I put you down, in your cot, will you stay….no you’ll not
Any other ideas? I’ll let you come into bed with me…. with me.

Baby…. its 3am.
You were up at 10 and 1, was kind of hoping we were done,

Baby…. why don’t you like sleep? From what I remember it is really rather nice

Baby…. (ooooooh) I really hate to see you cry, I wish I knew the reason for your tears – try calpol, try calpol, coz nothing’s really helping.

It’s late, you’ve had some milk
So I’ll sing to you a rhyme and stop looking at the time
Goodnight, everybody – enjoy your sleep
Gotta keep trying to put the baby down

Baby! Oooooooh! Still can’t seem to stop you cry, better cancel all the plans we have tomorrow!

(Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun)

I have been reading about how to help you sleep: “let him cry!” “Pick him up!” ” Maybe feed him a mango?!”
I am more confused now, never Google “Baby Sleep”
Never Google (never Google)
Never Google (never Google)
Never Google “Baby Sleep”

He’s just a baby, babies aren’t meant to sleep
He’s just a baby in a developmental leap
Soon he’ll go down without making a peep

Time for sleep, time for sleep, will you let me sleep?
Oh Mummy! – No! I will not let you sleep (let me sleep!)
Oh Mummy! I will not let you sleep (let me sleep!)
Oh Mummy! I will not let you sleep (let me sleep)
Will not let you sleep! (Let me sleep!)
Never, never let me sleep. Oh never let me sleep no no no no no no!

Oh tiny baby, tiny baby! Tiny baby let me sleep
I hope your Dad has the kettle on to make coffee…coffee… coffeeeeeee!

So you think it’s as simple as “sleep when they sleep”?
So you think that the mess in the kitchen should keep?
Oh baby! Can’t do this to me baby! Just go to sleep, just go to sleep please my dear!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Nothing’s really helping, anyone can see
Nothing’s really helping, nothing’s really helping… you sleeeeeep!
(Any other ideas?)

Thanks. I am literally here all night. Xx


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