Top 5 Baby Items I Will Be Using Again

When Ted was born, it seemed like there were so many gadgets on the market that made promises of an easier life with a baby. We bought lots of things (some second hand) and were drawn in by these promises! A lot of stuff was actually rubbish, so here are my top 5 items that we have kept safe in the loft and will be coming down when baby number 2 arrives:

5) Graco Little Lounger

IMG_20150916_123736 (1)

Ted was a colicy babe and absolutely hated being led flat. He hated being in his moses basket and was often only comfortable  if he was being held by one of us. After a few weeks of this, we invested in a Graco Little Lounger and I am so glad we did! The best thing about this product is that it has various recline positions, so we could have Ted slightly proppep up and he was just so much more comfortable and content. It vibrates and rocks too, and is really easy to fold up and take with you. We will be using this in the living room for baby when he arrives!

4) Palm and Pond Mei Tai Sling


A great recommendation from a friend, this was a life saver for us. As I mentioned Ted would often cry for hours in the evening, totally unsettled. We used a moby wrap initially but when he was bigger we moved on to this sling, and it was ideal. So easy to put on yourself, and it felt really safe and secure. We would take turns in the evening wearing him in the sling, walking round the living room, and eating our evening meal with him attached to us. I think it is going to be great for when I am running around after Ted and the baby needs to be close.

3) Sit-Me-Up Ring/ Play Nest


This is a great item for when your baby just starts trying to sit up. They are fully cushioned all the way round so as they start to slump or slide down, they aren’t going to hurt themselves. Ted loved being in here and I think it helped him with his sitting enormously. It has lots of different textures and toys around the outside to help encourage them to sit up. He was much happier once he could see the world around him – we always said he was so grumpy because he didn’t want to be a baby!

2) Ewan the Dream Sheep

IMG_20150916_123839 (1)

Oh, how we love you Ewan. He plays white noise and sounds are similar to when baby is in the womb, which is supposed to help them settle and ultimately sleep. Ted was always quite receptive to this and it did seem to start to help him sleep. As he got bigger we started to use the lullaby setting and we are still going strong with it now at 14 months. We put him down for his naps and at bedtime with this and it has become an integral part of our routine. I think he does associate the music with bed time and it helps to relax him. Whenever we go and stay with friends or family, Ewan is right there with us!

1) The Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump

When Ted was born he was a very poorly baby – he didn’t latch on and when he was in NICU he had to be tube fed. I really wanted to breastfeed him so expressed my milk using the amazing hospital-grade breast pumps the unit provided. When we got home with him, he still wouldn’t latch and I decided I wanted to continue pumping to see if we could establish breastfeeding. We had already bought a pump, but it was absolutely rubbish – not powerful or fast enough at all. So my husband dashed out and bought the Medela Swing, and we never looked back. It allowed us to continue persevering with breastfeeding, and pump enough milk for all those newborn feeds. It was hard work – pumping, bottle feeding him the milk, sterilising the equipment, labelling the milk, getting it the right temperature to feed it to him – but the Medela made it easier for us. Eventually, we established feeding properly, but continued to use the pump for times when my husband would feed Ted. It was a great investment. I would like to breastfeed this time around too, and feel better already knowing I have this pump!

(Yes, I know there are only 4 pictures but I didn’t take any photos of the pump!) 🙂

What items for your baby couldn’t you live without? Leave me a comment below to let me know!

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  1. Amen to the Swing! I borrowed one and when it broke, rushed straight out and bought a new one immediately. Couldn’t have got to 12mths without it! (And the carrier!) x

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