Well, it’s been a year….

and what a year it’s been.

I spent 7 months of 2014 growing a small human. That experience in itself was pretty amazing – but I could not have imagined how the last 5 months of 2014 would be.

Becoming a mother has been the most rewarding/challenging/incredible/emotional experience of my life. I still can not believe I have a son – and that the beautiful baby I wake up to every morning (and several times at night) is mine. It has been so amazing watching him grow and learn new things, just thinking about it makes me proud and tired all at once.

A baby really brings out the best in people – I have reconnected with old friends as we now share this new common ground. I have received kind words and helpful advice from people who i’ve not seen for years. I have a new-found respect for my brilliant parents for everything they have done for me and my sister. A sister who has become my best friend. A new realisation of how important my family really are to me.

But what I am most grateful for is the new friends I have made during this journey. People who were strangers to me this time last year are now the ones I am closest to. Their friendship has played a huge part in my enjoyment of becoming a mum. It has been really hard being far away from my loving family, and it is because of these friends that I have coped. The 3am messages, the right words at the right time, the thoughtful advice and fun afternoons have kept me going on the difficult days.

Someone once told me you make friends for life when you have a baby, and I really hope that is true.

So I finish 2014 feeling incredibly lucky and grateful for all the special people in my life. Thank you for sharing this amazing year with me.



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