28 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s been a while since I have written a pregnancy update, mainly because I feel like I am just ticking along nicely with not much to report. At my 25 week appointment I was measuring a whopping 6cm ahead which really worried me, so I chose to wait until my next appointment before I wrote anything. Now, at 28 weeks, I am measuring a more respectable 4cm ahead and have had lots of reassuring words from the midwife. So far I have been really disappointed by the continuity of care I have received, or rather the lack of it. I have seen a different midwife every time and each one hasn’t known about my thyroid condition or my experience when I gave birth last year, which has really unsettled me. Fortunately at my 28 week appointment, although it was another new face, she had read my notes before I came in and was really thorough – she instantly made me feel calm. Although I am still measuring ahead she explained it could be a variety of reasons – one of which being the simple fact that I had a baby just last year. She made me feel confident that it was going to be monitored but for now hopefully everything is looking good. I had to have the glucose tolerence test on Monday to test for gestational diabetes, and I should get the results back at the end of the week. At my appointment I also got to hear the heartbeat which was lovely, it is not standard to do this in my area so I was really grateful that she did. I am feeling generally well although I am waking lots in the night and unable to get back to sleep. Typically Ted is sleeping well (touch wood!) at the moment, and I am wide awake for no reason. I had this a lot when I was pregnant with Ted and would often give up and come downstairs to watch TV, but I feel like I really need my sleep now that I have Ted to look after so try to drift back off. Most days I am awake from 4am and struggle to get back to sleep again. I am not even really particularly uncomfortable yet, I think it is just pregnancy insomnia. 

I have been trying to keep active by keeping up with my pregnancy pilates workouts which I am really enjoying, and I am keeping really busy with Ted taking him out and about. We have gone on lots of autumnal walks and family days out and actually I feel so much better for it! My PGP is very manageable at the moment and I really think it is because I am keeping myself moving. In the evenings when I sit on the sofa for extended periods of time, that is when my back starts to ache and stiffen. I have got my fit ball out now and find that really helps for mobilising my hips and back, and I still love a hot bath or hot water bottle when it is too bad.

I am feeling frequent movement from baby, however it is nothing like the movement I felt with Ted. I think this is due to the fact I have an anterior placenta this time. The movement definitely feels cushioned and less pronounced, which I am a little disappointed by. Sometimes the movement is visible, but very rarely. My husband has felt the baby move a few times, but often he is unable to feel it. I am hoping the movement will become more defined as baby gets bigger as I think it is such a special feeling!

I honestly feel like we are pretty much ready for the baby and don’t have a lot to do…! We have got all the clothes down from the loft and have a storage unit in our room full of freshly cleaned baby boy clothes up to size 3 months. We have already bought our double pram and everything else we need we pretty much have. My friend is giving me her bedside crib as we didn’t get on with the moses basket too well last time so wanted to give something else a try. Believe it or not but I have even packed my hospital bag! My sister-in-law came to visit this weekend and looked after Ted while I sorted it all out. I have a few more bits to add and I am sure I will repack it several times, but for me I feel more relaxed knowing that I have most things there, ready.

I am yet to knit anything for baby as I have been so busy, but really hope to make him something – perhaps a little hat and bootie set to take in to hospital with me. I have also commissioned a lovely lady to crochet him a star blanket which I will write about when it arrives, can’t wait! We have bought a few new bits for him – some clothes in the sale from Little Bird at Mothercare, a little snowsuit and an elephant comforter. I love looking at all the gorgeous newborn clothes but really he won’t be in them long and we have so many! So I am trying to be good.

Now that I am in my third trimester I will have check-up at the midwife every 2 weeks – wow, third trimester! It really has flown by so far. Hopefully as we are fairly organised and on the count down to Christmas we will get to enjoy the last couple of months of pregnancy. I’d love to take some nice bump photos instead of my dodgy selfies, so perhaps that will happen too. Xx


Dodgy selfie
Dodgy selfie

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  1. I am so jealous that you are all prepared lol! I too have an anterior placenta and annoyingly I had the same on my last baby. I feel movements but I never get to see them like everyone else does which is a shame. The sleep thing is so annoying! I would like to tell you it gets better but let’s face it, we both know it doesn’t. The last trimester will fly by xx

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