40 Week Pregnancy Update

So here we are – my ever-elusive estimated due date. However, with my track record of having the same gestational period of an elephant, I would not be surprised to find myself pregnant for a while longer. I accept that going overdue is part and parcel of some pregnancies, but I am really hopeful not to need to be induced this time round. I am trying to stay positive and crossing my fingers for spontaneous labour – whenever that may be!

I have had a fairly straight-forward pregnancy with one episode of high blood pressure which has since settled down, and PGP in the second trimester which has improved in the third. I think that is due to the online pregnancy pilates programme I have been doing – I would really recommend it! It has helped me keep mobile and has really made a difference. Otherwise I think that looking after a toddler has kept me busy and occupied and I’ve not really had time to focus on minor niggles and aches. I also had a spell of measuring quite far ahead but everything seemed to catch up with itself and there are no concerns around that any more.

I have experienced the most outrageous heartburn this time around – I had it when I was pregnant with Ted and it was just uncomfortable, but this time it has gone as far as to make me sick! Very unpleasant. Does that mean I am due a hairy baby? We will see. On the whole I have struggled with sleep, with spells of insomnia and then generally being uncomfortable/needing a wee. I’ve not really had any cravings this time – just been exceptionally thirsty and needed my drinks to be ice cold! I have also been know to munch on a cup of ice.

For the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks and tightenings really frequently, probably every day. They have had no pattern to them and have not ever progressed to anything which has been quite frustrating. I am told it is a good sign to have been feeling them but who knows if it is an indication of what’s to come.

When I was overdue with Ted I drove myself mad by reading about how to make labour start and trying various things – nothing worked and I had to be induced. I won’t be doing that this time – sure I will have a curry for tea but not thinking that I will give birth shortly after! I know that the baby will come when it wants…. or not.

This pregnancy has absolutely flown by, I can’t believe I am at my due date already and our little boy will be joining our family any day now. I am excited to meet him, nervous about giving birth and looking forward to the challenges of being a mum to two under two.


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