Bring back the stork!


So here I am, 4 weeks (or thereabouts) before having my first baby, and it has just dawned on me that I am going to have to give birth. Me! A massive wimp! Going to do THAT!? Clearly I have not thought this through.

I watched all the brave women on One Born Every Minute in awe last night – they seemed so in control and calm as they welcomed their babies into the world – sure, it looked like it hurt, but they were not wailing like banshees or screaming “YOU DID THIS TO ME!” at their partners. They were focussed and determined, and every time a newborn cried I felt excited that one day soon I would hear that noise coming from my own baby. I love that it is filmed at Southmead Hospital – where I will be going, and how kind and professional the midwives all seem. It has made me excited to meet my baby, and almost look forward to the experience. (almost…)

Being pregnant in Bristol is pretty awesome – there seems to be a loads of support and I have been impressed with all the maternity services I have received so far. I have also met lots of lovely pregnant ladies and feel I have a strong support network around me. There are lots of pregnancy classes available – I have been going to Aquatic Harmony aqua natal classes since I was 17 weeks pregnant and I absolutely love it. Being in the water feels like such a relief, and it is nice to be active and also to meet other pregnant ladies. I look forward to my class every week – it feels like a treat! I am hoping that the breathing techniques and some of the exercises I have learnt will help me during labour.

Maybe I will be one of the lucky ones who feel no pain during labour, or maybe my baby will be delivered by the stork wrapped in a blanket? But really, all I hope is my baby is healthy and delivered safely, as we can not wait to meet him and welcome him into our family.



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