Keeping Active During Pregnancy

I have reached the point in my pregnancy where I feel pretty rotund and uncomfortable – I have a definite waddle, aches and pains are keeping me up at night and it is not a pretty sight when I need to get up off the sofa. I spend my day chasing after a very curious, energetic and freakishly strong toddler and by the evening I could quite happily go to bed at 7pm. You can be assured that if there is a lift, I am taking it, and that the leisurely 20 minute walk to the shops is well and truly avoided. However, this probably isn’t really the best approach! Following on from my post about PGP I thought I would share with you how I am intending on keeping active during my last few months of pregnancy, since hibernation isn’t an option.

I will be participating in a week-by-week on-line pregnancy Pilates and well-being system, designed and delivered by Dr. Joanna Helke. The programme is tailored for the very week of pregnancy that you are in, and continues after your baby is born with a postnatal programme. Ideal! You are alerted by email when your new weekly video is unlocked as a reminder to carry out your workout for that week – you can complete the workout by replaying the video as many times during that week as you like. There are also lots of handy tips and hints including recipes and suggestions for handling back pain. Dr. Helcke also offers an amazing level of support with access to a forum of experts, and she also welcomes you to contact her directly if you need any additional help. I have spoken to her by email several times and she has given me some excellent advice regarding my PGP and ways to manage it. The workouts are designed for the pregnant body, and there are variations given if like myself you are suffering with PGP. The exercises are gentle but purposeful, and Dr. Helcke speaks very clearly and explains them well. I love the idea that they will vary from week to week so I won’t get bored of the same repetitive exercises.

What attracted me most to this programme was:

  • I can do it whenever I feel like it, day or night
  • I don’t have to be somewhere by a certain time in order to get some pregnancy specific exercise
  • I am receiving personalised and individual advice which I wouldn’t get from an exercise DVD
  • It’s not just about physical fitness, the website also provides support for your well-being and health during pregnancy
  • We have a Chromecast (you should get one, they are amazing!) so I can cast the video onto my TV screen which is just perfect
  • I can do it in my living room wearing see-through leggings with my toddler rolling around on the floor

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There are many pregnancy exercise classes available in my area but I find they are quite expensive and you have to sign up for them in a block. That means, if for example you are unwell (or simply CBA) and unable to attend, you will lose out on the money you have already paid. This subscription is an incredibly reasonable £12 a month – if you did the workout once a week that is like paying £3 for a class! I am yet to see a pregnancy exercise class at this little cost. Of course the fact that you can complete the workout as many times a week as you like, whenever you feel like it, also makes it really good value for money. (And remember, see-through leggings, not a problem!)

If you are interested in signing up or finding out more, head to There is a 2 week trial so you can try the programme out before subscribing. I will be writing a full review once I have completed the programme, but so far I am really impressed and find it an incredibly appealing service.

I also intend on taking advantage of the free swimming available to pregnant women in Bristol –  not all City Councils offer this and I think we are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, so I am going to make sure I make use of it! When I was pregnant with Ted I attended aqua-natal classes – I loved that time to relax and the sensation of being in the water was so lovely – it felt like all the weight was being carried by the water. Now that I am not working I can’t afford these classes, but I can certainly get myself to a swimming pool and enjoy being in the water.

We are quite an active family in general, we like being outdoors when we can and there are so many beautiful places to visit in our local area. I hope to continue going on these outings at weekends with my little family – a bit of fresh air and a leisurely stroll will do my pregnant body the world of good.

How do / did you keep active during your pregnancy? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Xx

*DISCLAIMER* I have been kindly offered the on-line subscription for free for review purposes, however all words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. This looks amazing! Thanks for writing this. I’m definitely going to get the free trial and give this a go. I’ve been pretty active but it’s all been walking and pushing a pushchair, and I’m not sure that’s really helping to work the areas that need it. Sitting still just makes it worse, so this is great! 👍

    1. It is such a great idea isn’t it, especially when you have a toddler to look after! I definitely agree about the sitting still part, I just go all stiff and seize up! Got the fit ball out now for rolling around on in the evenings which is lovely. Definitely do the 2 week trial, let me know what you think! xx

  2. Free swimming…????? What??????? Why doesn’t everywhere do this!! I would live in the pool!!
    Swimming here is so expensive but then I’d have to take Dexter too and it’s just so much effort!

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