My Birth Story

40 + 12…


After complaining about being a week overdue, I went the whole hog and had to be induced. I was really not looking forward to the process but so ready to meet our baby. I went into hospital on Thursday 24th July (it was 31 degrees that day…) at 4:30pm, and the induction process was started that night at 11:30pm. (it was busy that day..)

I woke up the next morning having regular contractions and was told I had made good progress overnight and would be going down to delivery to continue labouring. I called my husband and told him he could come in, as I was in labour! Luckily he was already in the car park waiting for visiting hours to start. So he was by my side by 9am, and we were just told it was a case of waiting for a bed. 

So we waited… all the time I was contracting in a shared room with no gas and air, just good old paracetamol. (which doesn’t even help me when I have a headache.) 1pm arrives and my waters break, so I call the midwife and who tells me my water’s have not broken… I tell her I can feel lot of pain and pressure in my back, and I am told this is fine. 

5pm arrives (yes, 5pm…did I mention it was busy that day?) and we are finally taken down to delivery where I am told my waters have broken and that the baby is back to back. Oh goody. An epidural ensued. 

My experience once I got down to delivery was very positive, I had an amazing supportive midwife who made me almost forget the poor care I had received all day. (Almost…) My contractions had slowed down by this point and I had to have the hormone drip, which ramped things back up again. I rested between contractions and chatted with my husband and the midwife, it was very calm and I felt really supported. 

Our beautiful son Ted was born at 4.12am on the 26th July. Holding him for the first time was just the most amazing feeling, his big blue eyes looking up at me. 


My experience after Ted was born went downhill, and ended with him staying in NICU for a week – but that is a different story. I can safely say it wasn’t anything like One Born Every Minute whilst I was in Southmead Hospital! 

He is now nearly 4 weeks old, in great health and absolutely perfect -for that I am enormously grateful. We absolutely adore him!


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