Pink, Blue or Yellow?

I am quite an impatient person… I don’t enjoy waiting and I really like to know everything about everything. As our 20 week scan approached, I knew I wanted to find out the sex of our baby. Luckily, my husband is equally as impatient and we both agreed that we would find out.

I suffered from terrible pregnancy sickness until 16 weeks and people would say “oooh it must be a girl then!” Everyone seemed to think that I was carrying a girl, including myself. My genius logic – I have a sister, my husband has 2 sisters, I have millions of girl cousins, I have grown up surrounded by dance and I really like things with flowers on – of course it was going to be a girl. I was drawn to the pink section when browsing the shops; the dresses, the frills and ditzy floral prints. I even bought a tiny pair of pink silk ballet shoes.

When our 20 week scan finally arrived,we were both so excited – but also terrified. I had built it up in my head to be an event where we would find out the sex of baby, full stop. But that isn’t what the 20 week scan is, and I soon realised. This appointment is actually called the “anomaly scan” – and it is a really important milestone in your pregnancy. The sonographer looked at our baby in such great detail – it was both fascinating and terrifying. She talked us through what she was looking at and it felt like we were both holding our breath the whole time. We could see a little baby on the screen, wiggling about – our baby.  After seeing the tiny heart beating, the miniature kidneys working, each individual vertebrae in the spine – all we cared about at this point was that the baby was OK. Girl, boy – who cares, as long as it is healthy!

We were told everything is looking as it should, and asked if we had any questions for the sonographer – and that’s when she told us…. we are having a boy!

We both left the hospital feeling over-joyed, our baby is doing great and we are going to have a son. To say I was in shock is an understatement! It felt great to be able to start picturing him, and what he might be like. I hope he is just like his Dad. It was an amazing and emotional day.

So no pink dresses for us, but it turns out little boy clothes are pretty adorable too.



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