Pregnancy v2.0

This weekend I turned 18 weeks pregnant. I have a big bump, I am wearing maternity clothes and take my pregnancy vitamins daily. Despite this, I don’t really feel pregnant. I know that I am, but I don’t think about it as much as I did the first time around. When I was pregnant with Ted, I knew exactly how many days pregnant I was, how many days until my next midwife appointment and even which fruit or vegetable my growing baby resembled. I don’t always know those things at the moment. During the first trimester I experienced bouts of morning sickness – I felt pregnant then, and I have started to feel those exciting first bubbles of movement – I definitely feel pregnant then. But when I am going about my normal day, looking after Ted and pottering about the house, it isn’t always at the forefront of my mind. I am excited to be expecting another child, and really looking forward to us being a family of four but it just feels so different.

We are hoping to find out the gender of the baby next month, and I am wondering if that will help me visualise things and start to prepare more. I have only bought one thing so far for the new baby, a little bodysuit that reads “I love my big brother!” I couldn’t resist it in the Mothercare sale, and I like to think about Ted being a big brother and wonder how he will be with a young, much tinier sibling. Soon I would like to start stocking up on those first sized nappies and starting the process of getting the baby bits down from the loft, washing all the newborn babygrows and starting to get organised. Not once have I googled double prams…. I will think about it later I guess!

When we know the gender I would like to start knitting something for the new baby – perhaps this process will also help. I am really excited to be having a winter baby, and the knitwear possibilities are endless!

When I was pregnant with Ted it really did consume my thoughts – I was constantly buying things from 12 weeks and religiously reading baby forums to be part of exciting conversations with other new mums. Maybe I am not like this now as I feel more relaxed, and have an idea of what is to come. There is no denying – I am really excited to meet our baby and be a family of four and a mother to two.

Did you have a different experience when expecting baby number two? Let me know about it in the comments below Xx

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