The Overdue Club

This is my happy face...
This is my happy face…

Well it looks like I have joined a club I didn’t really want to become part of… The Overdue Club. It’s not particularly exclusive, many women find themselves joining this club, especially with their first baby, but still… it sucks. 

At 7 days overdue I can safely say it has been an interesting week. I have received so many messages from people, ranging from the thoughtful “How are you doing?” to the slightly annoying “When are you having this baby?” – as if I have a say in the matter. Sometimes the messages will be a series of question marks… “????????????????” but my personal favourite is one which read “Hey hun, how’s your cervix?” 10 out of 10 for originality! People then go on to suggest what I should do in order to have this baby – curry, pineapple, walking etc, unaware that I have spent my day eating pineapple, curry and walking etc. My poor husband walks into work everyday to a chorus of “Oh, you’re still here then!” 

My favourite thing is when I am out the house and a kind stranger asks me when I am due, and I say ” Oh, I am 6 days overdue” and they recoil in horror as if I am going to start spewing out amniotic fluid all over the place. I am a ticking time bomb! And of course in a hilarious twist of fate, we are now in the middle of a heat wave, which is really enjoyable when you are the size of a hippo. 

Moaning aside, I can safely say two things – firstly that there is an end in sight! Every day that goes by is a day closer to us meeting our baby. He has to come at some point, and as long as he is happy and kicking away I have nothing to complain about. Secondly, I have lots of lovely friends who are excited for me and want to share in our news, and for that I am very grateful. I need to keep reminding myself of these things. 

My plan now is to keep busy, positive and graciously wait it out. (whilst eating pineapple, curry and walking etc…) 


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