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Arthur was very lucky and kindly sent a Grobag from The Gro Company before his arrival. The Gro Company is a brand that we as a family already know very well – they are pioneers when it comes to safe and practical sleep solutions for infants. We currently use their Gro Anywhere Blind in Ted’s bedroom which is a great product and we will be trying out the Gro Clock when he is old enough to understand the concept.

Having used baby sleep bags before, I was aware of the pros of using one – they stop baby from kicking off their covers preventing them from getting cold, but more importantly from covering their face or getting tangled. They allow the baby to move around in their cot comfortably and safely, and are excellent as part of a regular bedtime routine.

I was really impressed by the room thermometer that came with the Grobag and the handy guide of what to dress your child in when they are using it. This type of information is invaluable and key to safe and comfortable sleeping for your baby. By providing this information, The Gro Company demonstrate the safe sleep really is at the forefront of their products and designs. I couldn’t wait for Arthur to start using his Grobag, but for his first few weeks he has loved to be swaddled! But recently he has been happy with his arms free and has been testing out his gorgeous dino-themed Grobag.

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The quality of the Grobag is second to none – as I mentioned I have used baby sleep bags before but none have been as high quality or well made as this. It is super soft and breathable and I am able to keep him a comfortable temperature the whole night long. There is a popper function on the arm holes to decrease the size while your baby is small and then as they grow you can un-pop and make it bigger. The size of this sleeping bag is 0-6 months so it is a long time before they grow out of it. Other features include a five point travel harness so that it can be used in a carseat or pram, a 2 way zip and a zip-click function. The Grobag washes really well (yes, there was an incident… get a spare!) and dries super quickly which is really handy.

Arthur has transitioned well from being swaddled into using the Grobag and is a fairly good sleeper at night. Since we have a night time routine already in place for Ted, we have unintentionally got Arthur into a routine too. Every night we get both boys ready for bed together which involves pyjamas, a story, into their sleep bags, milk and bed. Arthur’s Grobag has now become an integral part of the bedtime routine and we will take it with us wherever we stay to keep that continuity. I am really impressed with the quality and feel reassured that he is safe at night.

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*DISCLAIMER* We were sent the Grobag for review purposes, however all words and opinions are my own.


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