12 Questions I’d like to ask my toddler


It is becoming more apparent that my toddler is a complex, cheeky and clever individual. Over the past few weeks I have found myself utterly amused and sometimes frustrated by the things he does. His newborn brother seems like a doddle in comparison to the eyes I need in the back of my head to make sure he doesn’t trash the whole house. He is in to everything, climbing on all the furniture, wanting to play with things that aren’t toys – and it is very safe to say he knows his own mind. All normal toddler behaviour I am sure, but sometimes I wonder what is going on in his whirring little brain. Here are some things I would love to ask him:

– Why do you put every toy you actually enjoy playing with behind the TV?
– What is your obsession with all drinking bottles except your own?
– Why can’t you keep your food on a plate / in a bowl?
– Why don’t you like pasta carbonara today when you liked it last Thursday?
– Why do you get up at 5am when you could very easily stay asleep until 7am?
– Why aren’t you terrified of Mr. Tumble?
– Who told you the TV remote was a telephone?
– What is so terrible about having your nappy changed that you feel the need to attempt to escape from that changing mat every time?
– What is more appealing about food that is on my plate even though it is exactly the same as the food on your plate?
– Why can’t you keep a hat on your head even when it is -1?


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